Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy, and will not provide any of your details to anyone else.

Website visitors:

We collect only anonymous information about visitors to our website, to provide us with information about the numbers of visitors, how they are using our site and where they come from. We use Google Analytics to collect this information.

Email subscribers:

We keep only your email address, and we do not share this with any other party. We use your email address only for sending you the weekly ‘jobs’ bulletin, not for any other purpose (we will never use your email address for marketing our products, or anyone else’s).

We do not use any kind of email ‘tracking’ to determine when or if you have opened emails from us, or what links you have clicked on. We believe use of individual email tracking without permission is an invasion of privacy.

Aside from the weekly ‘jobs’ email bulletin, the only emails subscribers may sometimes receive from us are:

(i) emails related to your subscription, including any technical problems (these may sometimes be automated)

(ii) ‘housekeeping’ notices (typically less than one per year) notifying you of any relevant changes to our service

Every recipient of our email newsletters has subscribed on his or her own initiative: one by one. We have never bought or added blocks of email addresses to our list. We respect all unsubscribe requests, and respond to them promptly.

We take all reasonable care with your information, and we do our best to process all requests promptly. However, we are only human. If a problem does occur, or if you have a query of any kind, please let us know and we will fix it.


We keep a simple database of advertising customers, which we keep up to date as best we can, and which includes the usual contact information (name, address, phone/fax, email etc.), along with records of past purchases. This information is never shared with third parties, and is only used by us for normal business contact purposes.

On line credit card payments are processed and verified by the PayPal payment gateway service.

We keep correspondence (which may include payment details), but only to enable us to keep track of payments and to help us deal with any problems or queries.

Your call (or email) will be answered by a person:

If you email us, a human being will answer you. If you ring us, your call will never be placed in queue (but you might need to leave a message if the line’s busy, or we’re not in or something).

If you have any concerns or queries, please do contact us. We thrive on feedback – we love to hear from you.

Please telephone us on 0409 872 811, or email us at:

Web & email security:

We take your privacy seriously, and we take all reasonable steps to secure the information we hold. However, we can’t be held responsible for information which might be stolen, lost or revealed through malice or negligence by third parties, or by malfunctions etc. which are outside our control.